Project Finance

Proper Allocation of Risks

Hands on, highly-tailored solutions for each aspect of a project financing. 

Project financings are highly leveraged, capital intensive and involve highly complex structures. Each project financing has a unique risk profile with multiple contractual arrangements intended to allocate risk to the party best suited to manage it. It is not uncommon to have upwards of ten financing participants playing an integral role in executing a true, non-recourse project financing structure. The project finance investment banking group at Piper Sandler provides uniquely-tailored strategies to assist its clients in managing all aspects of the project financing process. To effect a solely non-recourse, long-term financing of a project, our project financing investment banking team works hand-in-hand with our clients in managing deal teams, overseeing extensive project documentation, developing complex cashflow models to support project operations, negotiating with lenders and external stakeholders and structuring the most cost-effective, efficient financing based on the strength of the project and its contractual underpinnings.

The project finance team has successfully executed capital raises at all levels of the capital stack in the tax-exempt and taxable bond markets as well as with commercial banks and the direct private placement lending communities. With specific expertise in the power generation, infrastructure, petrochemical and industrial manufacturing sectors, our project finance investment banking team brings the depth of experience and relationships to serve our clients' unique project characteristics. With significant focus on the renewable and alternative energy sectors, the Piper Sandler project finance team has advised clients in the solar, wind, wood pellets, ethanol, biodiesel, landfill gas, hydroelectric, thermal and biomass power generation space.