How We Operate

Energy Private Equity Funds


Experienced investment team – SPE’s private equity team collectively has significant experience in both energy investment and M&A advisory that spans over 75 years and multiple market cycles.

Established origination network – SPE has a plethora of industry contacts and professional advisors. This network has deep industry knowledge and is used to keep in contact with growth companies, key executives, other private equity firms and opinion leaders in their respective industry sectors.

Expansive diligence capability – SPE has access to research analysts and industry contacts to bring independent insight into companies, market trends and industries when we conduct our diligence on prospective investment opportunities. The Piper Sandler energy & power research analysts cover approximately 140 publicly listed companies, primarily in the upstream, downstream, midstream and other energy segments. Research analysts also produce significant industry reports and regularly sponsor and attend specialized industry conferences.

Highly selective investment process – SPE has a thoughtful and selective investment process. Substantially all transactions require a collaborative effort between SPE and our network of industry relationships.

Differentiated ability to add value – SPE assists portfolio companies by advising senior management on broad strategic initiatives, facilitating new business relationships, supporting financial management and planning and providing guidance with respect to capital raising activities and acquisition strategies.

Understanding and controlling liquidity alternatives – Before making an investment, SPE considers potential exit alternatives. The bundled services approach together with geographical expansion is expected to transform the offering thereby making it more attractive to potential buyers resulting in multiple arbitrage on exit. SPE has significant experience positioning portfolio companies for and facilitating exits, including sales to both trade buyers and private equity.