A Global Equities Leader

Our combination of top-ranked research, trading and capital markets capabilities creates a premier client destination. 

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In equities, our sales & trading teams facilitate public offerings in our core sectors and dedicate significant levels of firm capital to ensure the highest aftermarket support. We are a market maker and/or transact in 2,500 securities, offering traditional, algorithmic and program trading approaches. Our 60+ senior analysts produce industry-leading research on 1,000+ small-, mid- and large-cap companies. Our investor conferences and roadshows provide access to management teams from leading companies.

Sector Coverage

Our market leadership and strong connections in focused industry sectors allows for straightforward advice and expert execution. Each vertical offers capabilities in a full suite of products and services to create a focused, client-first approach.

Diversified Industrials
Energy & Power
Financial Services

Equity Sales

Equity sales combines deep expertise in both domestic and global markets with an award-winning, premier research brand. Our experienced sales team is a trusted partner of choice with an average tenure of more than 13+ years, including 25+ years among regional sales managers. We provide a unique combination of generalist and specialty sales that ranked top 5 in multiple industry verticals.

Equity Trading

Our traditional high-touch trading model has consistently earned industry accolades from independent firms such as Elkins/McSherry, Pensions & Investments and Greenwich Associates for minimizing market impact and helping clients reduce transaction costs. Learn more about our algorithmic strategies and program trading services.

Industry-leading research

Gain access to our award-winning, proprietary research on more than 1,000 companies in the consumer, energy, financial services, healthcare, macro and technology sectors.

Client-only Piper Sandler meetings, conferences and reports keep you up-to-speed with today's most dynamic companies, new opportunities and industry trends.

Corporate & Venture Services

The Piper Sandler corporate & venture services group offers highly integrated trading and specialized investment services tailored to meet specific needs. Our experienced team provides dedicated support, in which we leverage the firm's institutional sales & trading platforms.

Commission services agreements

For those clients who use third party services, we provide a seamless platform to assist clients in managing their 28(e) budgets. Commissions are accrued daily, viewable online and exportable to Microsoft Excel®. Trading can be done via any of the Piper Sandler equities venues: cash desk, direct market asset (DMA) or algorithmic. Invoice payment is timely, generally within 3 to 5 business days of client approval.

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