Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance

Employee Incentives & Risk Taking


Employee compensation structure includes a mix of base pay, short-term incentive pay, and long-term incentive pay. Executive Compensation program may be found in more detail in the proxy statement. Piper Sandler relies upon its reputation as a trusted partner to all of its stakeholders. That reputation requires that employees act with integrity at all times, especially with regard to the reliability and accuracy of the Company’s financial reporting. Piper Sandler maintains an Incentive Compensation Recovery Policy which outlines that if a covered officer has received incentive compensation that was erroneously paid, granted or vested based on financial statements that are materially noncompliant with financial reporting requirements, or has committed some act of common law fraud, theft, misappropriation, embezzlement, or dishonesty to the material detriment of the firm’s financial results, that incentive compensation is to be cancelled or recovered.

Each year, our management prepares a company-wide inventory and review of our compensation policies and practices for both executive officers and for employees generally, including employees that can have a material impact on our firm’s risk profile, which analyzes the compensation policies and practices which places variable compensation at risk for such employees.