Piper Heartland Healthcare Capital, LLC


Target Investment Characteristics

Investment Characteristics
Healthcare Industry Focus:Healthcare companies within Piper Sandler’s established areas of advisory expertise and research coverage
Late-Stage and Crossover Focus:Last round of private investment for companies that have near or mid-term potential liquidity paths available to them
Differentiated Technologies or Services:Healthcare companies that possess technology, IP, processes, know-how or other proprietary attributes that are innovative and disruptive
Strong Management:Talented management teams capable of executing clinical, development and business plans while adapting to anticipated and unanticipated challenges
Respected Investor Syndicates: Highly respected managers that have an exceptional record of investing in sector-specific healthcare companies in both private and public equity opportunities
Aligned Perspective:Aligned with Piper Sandler investment banking, equity research and capital markets – to ensure a unified perspective of market potential for the technology or service offerings from our target portfolio investments

Current and Past Investments

Since inception, Piper Heartland Healthcare Capital has invested in the following companies:

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