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Josue Lopez

Managing Director
Fixed Income Trading

Email |  Tel: + 1 224 281-8772

Josue Lopez

Josue Lopez is a managing director and chief mortgage strategist for Piper Sandler. He was previously the head of mortgage-backed securities (MBS) trading and structuring, and he is still responsible for positioning and capital allocation within the securitized products sector of the firm.

Lopez has over a decade of fixed income experience, and he has spent most of his career structuring or trading mortgage and asset-backed securities. He has brought various new deals to market across Piper Sandler’s structured finance platform, in addition to subsequent trading of these issues in the secondary market. His areas of focus in subsectors of the market include MBS, collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO), derivatives, commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), asset-backed securities (ABS) and whole loans.

Additionally, Lopez is responsible for pricing all tranches with ABS/CMO capital structures, including mortgage derivatives. He has also been involved in socially responsible investing. Moreover, Lopez often works in an advisory capacity, engaging various clients to deliver ideas and solutions pertaining to a wide range of topics, including investments within the bond portfolio and capital raising within the securitized products market.

Lopez is a prior member of Piper Sandler’s diversity and inclusion council, and he served as a chair of the diversity recruiting subcommittee. Prior to joining Piper Sandler, he was a vice president at BMO Capital Markets, where he also traded agency and non-agency mortgage-backed securities.

Lopez completed his bachelor’s degree at Marquette University and was a member of the Applied Investment Management (AIM) program.