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Peter Medford

Managing Director
Loan Strategies

Email  |  Tel: +1 212 466-7914

Peter Medford is a managing director responsible for transaction management on residential and consumer portfolios in the financial services group at Piper Sandler.

Prior to joining Piper Sandler, Medford was a director on the whole loan trading desk at Waterfall Asset Management, a $10b hedge fund located in New York City focused on structured credit (asset-backed securities and loans) and private equity. Medford contributed to the sourcing, diligence, acquisition and securitization of a variety of residential, small balance commercial (SBC) and consumer asset classes, including GNMA early buy outs (EBOs), reverse mortgages, forward first and second liens, home improvement (HIL) and auto loans. Before Waterfall, Medford was Senior Vice President of Franklin Credit Management Corp. a specialty finance company in NYC. Medford created and managed FCMC's Flow Acquisition Group which sourced, underwrote and acquired residential portfolios up to $5mm of “Scratch and Dent” first and second liens which were subsequently back levered with a large Midwest commercial bank.

Medford holds a bachelor’s degree in finance with a history minor from the University of Scranton.