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Amy Steele Gaylord

Managing Director
Fixed Income Trading

Email |  Tel: +1 612 303-6011

Amy Steele Gaylord

Amy Steele Gaylord is a managing director in fixed income services at Piper Sandler. In this role, she works on the agency trading desk as the new issue underwriter for government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) securities. Steele Gaylord is responsible for all new issue underwritings on the desk, as well as bidding in auctions with FHLB, FFCB and FAMCA.

Steele Gaylord began her career at Piper Sandler over 25 years ago. She started in the trainee program in 1995 and has been working in fixed income trading since 1997.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in East Asian studies, with a Japanese language concentration and a minor in economics from the University of Kansas College of Liberal Arts. Steele Gaylord is very active in her community and serves on several boards.