Public finance and fixed income

The complex public finance sector requires a full range of product capabilities. We have the dedicated resources and experts to make sure you get the right financing tools, every time.  

Financial advisory services

If your project requires financial advisory services, look to our experienced team. In 2020, Piper Sandler provided financial advisory services on 260 transactions totaling $9.38 billion.*

Municipal bond underwriting

We work closely with municipal issuers to identify the best approach to their financing needs. Drawing on our experience, we can recommend the right solution to achieve the level of capital required.

Municipal derivatives and reinvestment products

Through Piper Sandler Financial Products, Inc., we provide various over-the-counter derivatives products to our municipal and non-profit clients. Additionally, through Piper Sandler & Co., we provide advisory services for derivatives products and assist clients by performing bidding agent services for reinvestment products both traditionally and through an online, secure Web-based platform.

Loan placements

When you need to borrow funds to finance your project, we're ready with creative solutions. We'll often align clients with a group of community banks that can offer more capital than a single source alone.

Our financial expertise and transactional experience aren't the only things that set Piper Sandler apart—we also deliver superior client service with tailored solutions for your distinctive needs.