States and State Agencies

Serving the Nation’s Largest Public Finance Issuers

Our expertise has led us to manage, place or advise on 1,896 state and state authority transactions totaling $357.8 billion from 2011 through 2020. What's more, we maintain ongoing relationships with several large issuer clients across the country. 

If you are a state, state agency or one of our nation’s major cities or counties, your financing needs and overall debt structures are complicated. You need an investment banking partner who can deliver on the municipal market’s most visible transactions.

Specialized financing types

We have worked with issuers on many transaction types, including general obligation bonds, lease or building authority structures and various revenue bonds.

We are also experienced with specialized financing types, including:

  • Convention centers and convention center hotels
  • Transportation
  • Water projects and state revolving funds
  • Single & multi-family housing

Services suited to your needs

We have the capabilities to fill many roles for our clients. From senior managing underwriter to co-managing underwriter and financial advisor, we are ready to put our resources to work where you need it most.

Our areas of expertise include:

Financial advisory services

We believe our underwriting experience gives us a unique perspective as financial advisors. We are one of the few firms that brings a full sales, trading and derivatives capability to large governmental clients. Our end-to-end capabilities give us direct market knowledge other advisory firms simply cannot match.

Senior managing underwriting services

We have managed the books on many large issues, and we take pride in carefully pricing these transactions. We work closely with issuers and their financial advisors to keep the pricing process transparent and the right parties involved at the right times. What’s more, we have the capital to deliver on aggressive pricings.

Co-managed underwriting services

As co-managers of many large transactions, we understand what it means to work as part of an underwriting team. Our bond underwriting professionals use a well-defined process to effectively support the sales effort.

Convention centers & convention center hotels

A national leader in convention center hotel financings*, our hospitality group lends their expertise to convention centers and convention center hotels.


Whether you are building a highway or financing an airport, we come to the table with the transportation finance expertise you need to get the job done right. We’re well versed in the Federal Highway Act and Garvee bonds, and have extensive experience working with toll road financings as well.

Water projects & state revolving funds

Our experts have worked with many states and state agencies on water projects. We have administered clean water act state revolving funds and clean drinking water revolving funds.

Single & multi-family housing

Our housing professionals have decades of experience helping many state and local housing finance agencies around the country in both underwriting and financial advisory capacities. Our experience has included successfully guiding our clients through the tumultuous market environments in the housing sector over the past decade.