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Whether you need funding for a new facility or a better way to refinance debt, our experts can help.

Revenue bonds

Revenue bonds are a valuable tool for financing your organization’s facilities. We’ve guided nonprofits of all sizes through the revenue bond process from start to finish. We’ll help you assess debt capacity, navigate the issuer approval process, structure the issue and complete your sale at the most favorable interest rates.

Capital planning & structuring

When you’re ready to start the capital planning process, we’ll deliver the best structure for your goals. We’ll help you identify the right projects for tax-exempt financing and calculate the impact on your budget. Our debt structuring experience includes fixed and variable rate, long- and short-term, tax-exempt and taxable, interest rate hedges and swaps.

Credit enhancement process

We’ve helped nonprofits of all sizes solicit and negotiate competitive credit enhancement. How? By knowing the major credit enhancement providers and understanding their underwriting criteria. And by presenting fund-raising programs to banks and bond insurers that maximize your tax-exempt financing.

Bond rating process

Piper Sandler understands that a higher bond rating lowers your bond interest costs. Our experts know the rating process inside and out and work closely with the analysts who review your issue. We’ll use our extensive rating experience to guide you through this important part of the bond issue process.

Debt refinancing

We actively monitor our clients’ outstanding debt for money-saving opportunities as interest rate conditions allow. Additionally, using the information in our nonprofit debt database, lets us analyze a wide range of refinancing techniques to find the best fit for your organization. We’ll move quickly to lock in savings and combine refinancing options with your bond issues to meet your debt objectives.